HTML View V1.0 - A Finder Extension

By Chris Vavruska
Freeware - Copyright 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Using HTML View
  4. Bugs


HTML View allows you to view HTML files right from the Apple IIgs Finder by either using the HTML+ (a Babelfish translator) or the HTML toolset (written by Ewen Wannop).


HTMLView's only requirement is that either HTML+ (along with Babelfish) or the HTML Toolset be installed and active on your system.

Installing HTML View is quite easy. Simply drag the HTML View Finder Extension on top of the system folder of your boot hard drive and reboot your Apple IIgs.

Using HTML View

Once HTML View is installed it can be invoked in several ways. The first is to select the "HTML View..." menu items from the Extras menu. You will be shown a standard file dialog where you can select a file. The second way is to select the HTML file you want to view and then select the "HTML View..." menu item. The third and final way is to double click on the HTML file you want view. If this method opens the file with some other application such as Hermes (a NDA text editor) then you might need to tell Hermes to "Give Others First Shot". Many other file viewing utilities have a feature similar to this.
Once you have invoked HTML View it will take a quick look at the file and make sure it is an HTML file. If HTML View detects an HTML file then it will display the file. If an HTML file is not detected then HTML View will display an error dialog and exit.
The default way of displaying an HTML file is to use the HTML+ Babelfish translator. If HTML+ is not available then the HTML Toolset is used. If you have both HTML+ and the HTML Toolset installed then once the file is displayed you can choose to display the file using the other method. Once you close the window the current method used to display the HTML file will be the default the next time you display a file.
When a HTML file is being displayed you can select text and either click the Copy button or type OA-C (hold down Open Apple and hit C) to copy the text into the system Clipboard. if no text is selected then the entire buffer is copied into the system Clipboard.


If you find a bug. Please let me know by emailing me at If possible please include the file causing you issues.